Republican Congressional Candidate Frank Pallotta (N.J.-5) released the following statement on America’s supply chain crisis:

“Our left-wing opponent, Josh Gottheimer, may have accidentally stumbled into a ninth-grade economics class.

His push for legislation that would establish oversight and facilitation of our supply chain is a small step in the right direction. Clearly, he sees the disaster his far-left administration and Democrat party have caused to our economy. But what he and his party do not understand is the root cause of the problem and the path to a solution.

Congressman Gottheimer has missed the point yet again. The root cause isn’t that we need centralized control of the supply chain. The root cause is that his Party’s failed economic policies have made America almost entirely dependent on the Chinese supply chain and as a result, Americans are becoming increasingly reliant on Chinese slave labor factories.

The New York Times last year exposed the human rights horror of these substandard Chinese goods and manufacturing processes; and that they are being incentivized through bad tax and labor policies.

From a pure economics standpoint, this is unsustainable. Our best and brightest foreign policy experts have been pointing out for quite some time how vulnerable the U.S. is to the Chinese supply chain. In addition, our best financial minds have also pointed out that this current, nearly one-sided interdependency between China and America’s economies, is unhealthy.  I would almost liken our current situation to two men attempting to stay afloat in the ocean; if one goes under, he takes the other one with him.

And then there’s our medications and pharmaceuticals. We import almost all our medications from China. If China cuts us off, or if we run into severe economic turbulence, the consequences could be disastrous. Not to mention the fact that quality control of many of these Chinese manufactured pharmaceuticals and medications, ultimately rests with the Chinese government.  Do we trust the Chinese Communist Party to keep us safe?

Leftist Josh Gottheimer may have actually started to focus on the thousands of jobs, businesses that have left his district and his state since he took office 5 years ago. He hasn’t yet recognized, however, that while his do-nothing policy of appeasement is wrong, he doesn’t understand how to fix it.  He is either unable or unwilling to focus on the fact that the solution doesn’t necessarily rest within our own borders. Micromanaging our trucking companies and dwindling manufacturing base isn’t what we need to do. We need to rebuild our own ability to produce and sustain what we need to live and prosper.”


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