Navy Commander Praises Pallotta For His Support of Veterans, Endorses Him in Congressional Bid

RAMSEY, N.J. – MAY 25, 2022 – Retired Lieutenant Navy Commander Steven Rogers said today, “during many conversations with Frank Pallotta, I have found him to be a very strong supporter of our military veterans both in word and deed.”
He continued, “I learned that Frank is not the type of guy who will use what he has done for veterans for political purposes. He doesn’t exploit good will to gain votes.”
Mr. Rogers spent more than thirty years in the Navy serving our nation and is a former Commissioner of the town of Nutley.
Mr. Pallotta said, “I thank Steven Rogers for his kind words and appreciate his support. I am committed to helping our veterans. Our nation has failed them, especially when it comes to mental health. I pledge that when elected, I will make supporting our veterans my number one priority.”
“One of the many reasons our great veterans, including myself, are supporting Frank Pallotta is that he respects the dignity and honor of the men and women who served and continue to serve our country. If he didn’t, I would not be supporting him,” continued Mr. Rogers. “I have been in politics a very long time and realize that some candidates will, for political purposes, take their opponents statements out of context, to gain favor with voters. That’s the kind of politics that turns people off. I hope those who resort to these tactics understand that at the end of the day we are all Americans and as veterans we fought for the right for people (including political candidates) to express their views without fear of political retaliation. To think otherwise is a disservice to every American who cherishes our Constitution.”
Mr. Pallotta founded a company during the financial crisis that won an award by TIME Magazine for helping veterans keep their homes and avoid foreclosure

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