I Stand For Parental Rights

RAMSEY, N.J. – APRIL 11, 2022 – Republican Candidate for Congress Frank Pallotta released the following statement regarding the new sex education curriculum in NJ:

“New Jersey has again been catapulted into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. In the wake of the new, extremely far-left sex education curriculum being exposed to the public, I felt the need to let the people of Congressional District 5 know that I am vehemently opposed to such radical and inappropriate indoctrination of our most vulnerable members of society, our children.

The fact that our children, at such a young age, are being exposed to lessons about gender identity and sex at a time when parents have fought so hard to even get their children back into the classroom, is just reprehensible.

The Biden Administration is undoubtedly in lockstep with this far-left liberal agenda and we need leaders in Washington who will stand against these policies that threaten parental rights and jeopardize our children’s intellectual freedom. Josh Gottheimer has consistently been silent.

I will not standby but promise instead to stand up to these radical ideologies which threaten our future generation of leaders, our children.”

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