Frank Pallotta Blasts Congressman Josh Gottheimer For Siding With Radicals AOC & The Squad As They Vote to Endanger Supreme Court Justices

Gottheimer is Left-Wing Extremist Out of Step with Northern New Jersey

RAMSEY, N.J. – JUNE 14, 2022 – Republican Congressional Candidate Frank Pallotta (N.J. – 05) issued the following statement on Congressman Josh Gottheimer’s latest alliance with Washington, D.C. radicals Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and “The Squad” after they voted against increased protections for Supreme Court Justices:

“Each day, Congressman Gottheimer lets his true colors show. First, he sponsors the bill to defund the police. Today, he fully embraced the radical positions of AOC and her Woke Squad in his vote to deny greater protections for Supreme Court Justices who are receiving death threats.

“Extremists have taken over Washington. And Josh Gottheimer is one of them. He sold out our cops; he sold out our troops in Afghanistan; and now he sold out our Justices.

“Josh Gottheimer is a left-wing extremist. He always has been. His true colors are now showing – and he will be rejected by voters this fall.”

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