The Choice is Clear: Vote Pallotta for Congress

July 6, 2020

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Independence Day weekend!

There are less than 36 hours to go in this historic Primary Campaign season, and there is still more to do! Please join me so that I can continue to work hard for you!

Since entering the race for US Congress, I have traveled the District extensively visiting more towns and meeting more residents than all the other candidates combined – and with extraordinary results.

Our campaign has earned the exclusive endorsements of more than 200 State Legislators and elected officials from all four counties across District 5. They all know we need a strong candidate who can win our District back in November! This shows exactly how much momentum we’ve gained. But VOTERS, now it your turn to show your support, and HERE’S ALL YOU NEED TO DO:

There is still time to mail in your VOTE BY MAIL BALLOT!

If you live in Bergen County:

Select DONALD TRUMP for President in column 3 and FRANK PALLOTTA for Congress in COLUMN 5DO NOT VOTE straight down the Bergen County Organizational line (column 3) for a candidate who has already lost the same seat in 2018 by an historic 41,000 votes! Frank Pallotta in COLUMN 5 is the Congressional Candidate we need to win our District back in November!

If you live in Passaic, Sussex or Warren Counties: Please vote Donald Trump for President and Frank Pallotta in the Congressional section of your ballot.


If you haven’t yet received your ballot and would like to vote provisionally with a paper ballot at the polls, please, please follow the this LINK to find the polling station associated with your address. You can also call our campaign office at (201) 783-8801, so that we can help you find your polling station.

You are faced with a critically important decision that will affect the future of your District, this State and our Country. Please VOTE FRANK PALLOTTA FOR CONGRESS.

New Jersey Legislators Endorse Pallotta for Congress

July 3, 2020

I am proud to be the ONLY candidate to receive endorsements from sitting legislators in New Jersey’s Senate and General Assembly. The support and guidance I have received from these six Republican legislative leaders throughout the campaign has been has been an absolute honor and a tremendous help to my campaign.

Our District needs a strong supporter of President Trump’s America First Agenda to go to Washington and stand up for our great State. These wonderful public servants have all made clear the importance of electing a Republican Congressman in New Jersey’s Fifth District, and I thank them for believing that I am the only candidate suited for this job.

All mail-in ballots for the Republican Primary must be returned no later than July 7th in order to be counted. Please call my campaign office with any questions about voting: (201)-783-8801.

I humbly ask you to stand with me, and your State Legislators, by casting your vote for Pallotta for Congress.


Former Oakland Councilman Urges Voters to Elect Frank Pallotta

June 23, 2020

Dear Fellow Republicans:

Many of us have heard the saying– elections have consequences. This year’s primary for NJ’s 5th congressional district race is certainly one of those elections.

In this year’s race I am proud to support Frank Pallotta as the best and most capable Republican candidate to represent the residents in New Jersey’s 5th congressional district.

As I have come to know Frank, I see in him a person with tremendous business acumen and in possession of the necessary skills needed to bring sound fiscal and monetary policy to Washington. Frank comes from a humble background and has shown me that he is a compassionate leader who has made it a priority to look out for not only our seniors that are struggling to make ends meet, but he has deep concern for our veterans as well as our children as he believes it’s not sound policy to pass to them the burdens of our current multi-trillion dollar national debt.

Frank is a family man who understands the pressures of raising a family in New Jersey and he is committed to working tirelessly for the residents of the 5th District to restore the SALT tax deduction and ensuring our great State receives its fair share of federal funding for essential infrastructure projects.

Now more than ever we need a representative who is not a political insider. Frank Pallotta is that man. He is not a part of the Bergen Country political establishment, which means he is not beholden to anyone, except – We the People!

It is for the reasons I cited above, and many more, that I fully endorse and highly recommend Frank Pallotta to be our Republican representative in NJ’s 5th Congressional District.

Frank Di Pentima

Former Oakland Republican Councilman – (2006 – 2011)
Past multiple term President of the Oakland Republican Club
Current County Committee Member for Oakland

Frankly Speaking: Our Veterans and the Elderly Were Ignored and Left to Die

April 27, 2020

Our 5th Congressional district is the proud home to one of New Jersey’s three VA retirement homes for military veterans. The New Jersey Veterans Home at Paramus (NJVHP) is where the bravest members of our community reside, and where we trust they will be given the care they deserve after sacrificing so much for our country.

It is nothing short of a tragedy that 49 of these residents, workers and veterans have recently passed away as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s borderline criminal when analyzing both the infection and mortality rates for that facility and for similar long term care (LTC) facilities. For some perspective, New Jersey’s COVID-19 mortality rate is approximately 2.5%. However, the mortality rate at The NJVHP is over 25% – that’s more than 10 times the State average!

Sadly, a total of 128 veterans and 54 staff members have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and dozens more are currently ill and awaiting test results, so those numbers are likely to rise. In addition, the nurses, aides and other front-line workers who continue to do their jobs, deserve actions and answers. The National Guard has been mobilized to assist in a situation that was both foreseeable and entirely preventable. In fact, prior to the outbreak, that facility received several complaints and a “below average” rating from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the category of health inspection, indicating greater health risks. The warning signs were there and the alarms were sounded. Where were our leaders? Where was the oversight at the State and Local levels?

Military veterans and the elderly are promised the world during campaign season, only to be ignored after the elections are over. It’s easy for politicians like Josh Gottheimer to find their way in front if a camera or behind a podium when it comes to these groups – especially ahead of an election. The real test of a public servant and their commitment to a community, is what they do when no one is looking. It’s called integrity, Josh.
At the height of the financial crisis, I led an organization that worked with the Treasury Department, large banks and the Veterans Administration to help keep veterans in their homes – at no cost to them. It wasn’t easy to coordinate so many large institutions – both in the public and private sector – toward one specific goal (which was not very popular at the time). However, we did it because I felt an enormous sense of respect and gratitude toward those who have sacrificed so much on behalf of our great country. We owe it to the residents of New Jersey – and especially our Veterans – to find out how this could have happened and to ensure it never happens again.

As predicted, Josh Gottheimer, Senators Menendez and Booker, and Phil Murphy are beginning to provide cover for themselves by calling for their own investigation. I wonder what will happen when that investigation points a finger at their inaction? What will happen when we find out how many concerns about those facilities passed through the hands of their own teams? What will come of the fact that more than half the COVID-19 deaths in Bergen County, occurred in facilities charged with caring for our elderly, our veterans and for those who can no longer care for themselves, like group homes for the developmentally disabled. Josh owes all of us an answer – and an explanation. The State of NJ failed the residents of LTC facilities. The unnecessary loss of life at a Wanaque, NJ facility 2 years ago should have served as a reminder of what can happen when our leaders fail to act in a preemptive and timely basis. After many press conferences and hearings, we were told it would never happen again – but it did. Of all the places in NJ, these facilities should have been prepared. Unfortunately, they were not, and the results have again been tragic. These residents comprise only 1% of our population yet account for 48% of the fatalities. This is unacceptable and those in charge need to be held accountable.

Proverb 31:8 states: “Speak out in behalf of the voiceless, and for the rights of those who are vulnerable”. We must never forget those that are less fortunate. We must never play politics with the rights and benefits they have already earned or the care they deserve. It’s not just unfair, it’s immoral. I vow to be different.

We must do better. If I am fortunate enough to earn your vote, I will show you that we can, and will.

Frankly Speaking: Pelosi Needs to Apologize, Josh.

February 5, 2020

It used to be that we could disagree without being disagreeable.

But ever since President Trump got elected, Josh Gottheimer’s party has become unhinged.

But last night, Nancy Pelosi didn’t just rip up the hopes and dreams of the people in our district who support President Trump, she also tore up the names of American Heroes in that speech. It’s disgusting. Josh Gottheimer, stand up to Nancy Pelosi for once, and demand that she apologize to the American People.

Frankly Speaking – Campaign Update November 2019

November 25, 2019


It’s been a great few weeks for Team Pallotta, and I wanted to update you on all of the exciting news. First, we have had a number of exciting endorsements from across the district. We started out last week with SIX endorsements from New Milford, which you can read about HERE. We are so proud to have these outstanding leaders on board with our campaign.

We then began this week with a bang by announcing the endorsement of two of our Party’s brightest rising stars: Alyssa Kaye Dawson and Katie Cericola. These extraordinary young women are currently a part of the Young Republican leadership, and recently took a bold stand against one-party rule in Bergen County by running for freeholder. I was so impressed by their hard-fought campaign, and I am truly excited by the energy and new ideas they bring to the campaign.

I am also proud to have earned the support of Chris DiPiazza and Joe Vartolone. Both have proven that Republican values of lower taxes and responsible government are winning issues at the ballot box. I look forward to working with both of them and ensuring Paramus’ values are adequately represented in Washington. Councilman DiPiazza and Councilman-Elect Vartolone join Councilwoman Jeanne Weber in supporting Pallotta for Congress, completing unanimous support amongst local Republican elected officials in the district’s 6th largest town.

Next, we journeyed to Atlantic City for the annual League of Municipalities Conference, and we were excited to sponsor an event featuring Bergen County Chairman Jack Zisa and NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt. Both of these leaders worked tirelessly for our candidates in 2019, and I am proud of their leadership!

And finally, we were excited to participate in a fundraiser for our campaign that drew supporters from across the district. If you are interested in hosting an event for our campaign, we would be honored to have your support. Please contact our Political Director Mike Ward ([email protected]) to set it up!

Thank you again for all of your encouragement.

I hope you and yours have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Frank Pallotta
Candidate for Congress
5th Congressional District

Frankly Speaking: Gottheimer’s SALT Sham

October 5, 2019

Josh Gottheimer’s song and dance is a familiar one: high tax states like New Jersey were unfairly penalized by the Republicans’ 2017 tax overhaul that capped residents’ ability to deduct their state and local taxes.

Don’t get me wrong: this was the one part of the legislation with which I didn’t fully agree. The other provisions, however, have been a boon to our national economy. Coming from the business community, I understand the competitive disadvantage our American companies faced with a high corporate tax rate, and I thought middle class families deserved more money in their pockets.

When it came to SALT, though, many of us in the 5th Congressional district of New Jersey – me included – came up short.

And our representatives are duty-bound to go to Washington and help get back some of our hard-earned money. The problem with Josh is that while he talks a big game on SALT, nearly two years to the date of the landmark tax legislation, he has very little – if anything – to show for it.First, Josh fails to strike at the heart of the issue with members of his own party. The reason why SALT was like salt in the wound for New Jerseyans is because we were overtaxed to begin with.

Our property taxes are the highest in the country, and Governor Phil Murphy and other state Democrats, who work to serve special interests as opposed to the voters, have little interest in making our state a more affordable place to live. For the leader of the so-called “Problem Solvers Caucus,” this would be a natural place for Josh to start. And yet, for all his press conferences, we never once hear of Josh going to Trenton to demand action – or even discuss a solution. Middle class families are being priced out of New Jersey, and in failing to stand up to his Democratic colleagues – and Josh Gottheimer is complicit in our decline.

Second, his stunt in suing the federal government to use a charitable giving scheme to evade the new SALT provisions disguises the fact that he has no real plan for compromise.

Instead of antagonizing the Trump Administration with a lawsuit, or standing behind a baseless impeachment inquiry, Josh should be reaching across the aisle and attempting to work with Republicans, including the President, to fight for our state. How do we expect to have a seat at the table in Washington when it comes to petitioning for other important projects, like the Gateway Project, if we’re chasing a folly in federal court?

I’m all for fighting the good fight, but we need to fight smart. Josh’s theater antics may make for good press releases, talking points and scripted diner stops, but they ultimately hamper our efforts for true compromise and solutions for our district.

Leadership is equal parts listening, evaluation and action. When you choose to lead by focusing solely on ego for your own personal gain, you will ultimately fail. Whether it’s in the public or private sector, a successful leader focuses on one thing: that which is in the best interest of your shareholders, your employees – or your constituents.

Remember Josh, while you are currently the face of the 5th District, you still work for the people.

Act like it.

Frankly Speaking – September 2019

September 21, 2019


It’s been a busy few weeks around New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District!

I have enjoyed meeting and listening to so many of you this month. Here are some highlights from my travels:

We kicked off September on Lake Hopatcong at the Sussex County GOP’s 4th Annual Cruise. It was a great way to get back into the swing of things after the long Labor Day weekend.

Next up: Dumont and Ramsey Days, where I got to see some of our excellent candidates running this November, including Bill Bochicchio, Holly Schepisi, Bob Auth, Joe Verdone, Peter Kilman, Harry Weber, and Jane Woods.

Click HERE to vote by mail and please forward the link to your neighbors and friends. There are just 44 days until Election Day!

We were also honored to join folks at the Ramapough Lenape Indian Nation Annual Powwow in Ringwood, and Senator Oroho’s End of Summer BBQ in Franklin. It was fun to see so many friends—both new and old!

I enjoyed seeing my friends and candidates for Bergen County Freeholder Corrado Belgiovine, Alyssa Dawson and Katie Cericola hard at work on the trail.

It’s time for an END to one party rule in Bergen County, and I am so proud of this energetic group for answering the call. I couldn’t be more thrilled to support them.

Make sure that you “LIKE” their Facebook Page!

We ended this week at Sussex County Freeholder Candidate Anthony Fasano’s Fall Fundraiser where we also got to see our hardworking NJ GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt.

I am committed to fighting for each and every vote in this race. If you think there’s an event or a meeting I should attend, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Political Director Mike Ward ([email protected]).

And finally, if you’re in the vicinity of Mahwah, NJ TODAY, September 21st, please stop by the Mahwah Day Fair at Commodore Perry Field. I’ll be happy to talk about the race, my campaign and the town I call home.

See you on the trail!


Frankly Speaking – Week In Review August 4th – August 10th

August 10, 2019


It was great meeting so many of you across the Fifth Congressional District this week.

We started off by speaking to CBS New York about runoff caused by last weekend’s storms at the site of the Apple Ridge Golf and Country Club in Mahwah. As many of you know, this has long been an important issue to me, and I will keep fighting to keep our community safe from the dangers of toxins in our drinking water as well as storm water and erosion control violations.

Next, we stopped by many of the National Night Out Events around the district, including those in Paramus and New Milford. National Night Out is a wonderful nationwide community event that fosters strong relationships between our incredible law enforcement officers and the people they serve.

There was also a special gathering hosted by the NJGOP and BCRO for this year’s candidates. Chairman Steinhardt and Chairman Zisa are doing tremendous work in organizing and resourcing our candidates for the November Elections. My campaign will be doing all that we can to help our fellow Republican candidates this fall!

Finally, I enjoyed meeting so many of you at the State Fair this week and stopping by the Sussex County GOP booth. I’m proud of all of the efforts around the County to keep Sussex RED!

See you on the trail!