Pallotta Declares Victory; Vows to Unite Party to Take on Gottheimer

July 9, 2020

RAMSEY, NJ – Today, Businessman and Republican candidate for New Jersey’s Fifth Congressional District Frank Pallotta declared victory in the Republican primary. After reviewing results posted by each of the four counties in District 5, Pallotta emerged victorious in the competitive, four-way primary, garnering roughly 50 percent of the overall vote.

“I am truly honored and humbled to have earned the support of Fifth District Republicans in this important first step toward finally taking back our District for the people. From the beginning of this campaign, I vowed that we would fight for every vote, and that no community would be left behind. After years of Josh Gottheimer’s irresponsible leadership, I felt that the voters of this District deserved to be heard by a political outsider with a sympathetic ear and an open heart. This week, the voters have rewarded our team’s consistent and purpose-driven outreach, and I could not be more grateful for the trust they have placed in me.”

Pallotta had earned the support of Sussex County senior leadership and won the Passaic County organization line. He ran an aggressive challenge off-the-line in Bergen County, the District’s most populous county, and despite those inherent challenges, Pallotta was easily able to overcome that obstacle, to unify the district and win the Republican party nomination for District 5.

Pallotta continued: “It’s time for a new brand of conservative leadership in North Jersey. We will take our hard-earned victory as a mandate to unite the grassroots Republicans across the Fifth District to take on Nancy Pelosi’s favorite rubber stamp: Josh Gottheimer. Josh ran as a bipartisan problem solver, but Washington changed him. From getting distracted by partisan battles like impeachment, to allowing half of his District to be left out of COVID19 funding, Josh and his 96% voting record with Nancy Pelosi are no longer representative of the people of our District. As we can see daily, radicals are willing to claim power by any means possible. A vote for Josh Gottheimer opens the door to defunding our police, protecting sanctuary cities, and ushering in a new era of socialist policies that will bankrupt future generations of Americans.

Pallotta had previously been named as a “Young Gun, On the Radar” by the National Republican Congressional Committee (“NRCC”) and had earned the endorsements of senior Fifth District leaders, such as State Senators Cardinale, Corrado, and Pennachio, as well as the support of Assembly members Schepisi, DeCroce, and DiMaio.

“By the end of our campaign, voters will see clearly that the self-appointed leader of the so-called ‘Problem Solvers Caucus’ is the problem facing the Fifth District. I will vow to fight for the residents of the District and will remain committed to the ideals that make the Republican party the party of all the people.”