OPINION: In NJ-05, Frank Pallotta is everything Josh Gottheimer isn’t

October 24, 2019

Save Jersey

By Nick De Gregorio

It’s nice to be home after nearly a decade in the Marines. Leaving Bergen County wasn’t easy, but after 9/11 I felt a sense of duty that I could not ignore. Perhaps that’s why after tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, my wife and I decided to come back home. Service is important to me. I believe the purpose of life is to find something greater than yourself and commit to it unapologetically for others.

Sadly, I don’t believe Congressman Josh Gottheimer shares this world view. For two consecutive terms, he has complained about the problems our communities face and done nothing to actually solve them.

He hopes we won’t notice so he can continue to do the bare minimum and climb the political ladder for personal gain. It is insulting to any person of principle or action to be represented in Washington by someone who has no principles and takes no action.

At one point, I considered running against Congressman Gottheimer myself. Then I met Frank Pallotta and knew we had a candidate ready to take him to task.

Frank is everything Josh Gottheimer is not: honest, accomplished, willing to make difficult choices on our behalf. Frank has proven himself in the private sector and has always given back to his community—not for votes or favors, but because it is the right thing to do. I am tired of career politicians lording over us on Capitol Hill.

I believe that Frank Pallotta is not only our best hope at beating Josh Gottheimer, but the ideal person to effect meaningful change upon a political system that has been clogged by incompetent do-nothing careerists. Josh Gottheimer needs to pack his bags and move on. It’s time for Frank Pallotta to go to work for us.

Nick De Gregorio is a Bergen County native and a Senior Advisor to the Pallotta for Congress campaign. Nick grew up in Ridgewood before committing himself to military service. As a Marine Corps infantry officer of nine years, he served four tours of duty to include operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Upon his honorable discharge from the Marines, Nick used the Post-9/11 GI Bill to attend Georgetown University, where he graduated with dual masters degrees in business administration and foreign policy. Nick currently works in finance and lives in Fair Lawn with his wife Emily and daughter Siena.